We Are The Harvest

DIY post-hardcore trio from Groningen with members of bands AtackRobotAttack, Grinding Halt and Brito. With We Are The Harvest they aim for more dynamic variations, melodies and even (dare we say it…) some catchy tunes, unlike their earlier bands. But without losing their intensity and honesty. They are still frustrated. The world is still on fire and they haven’t run out of things to say about that.


Dutch doom/noise trio that create an imposing discord of severe bass textures, harrowing vocals and winding drums. The band, featuring members of Ortega, was originally founded as MENHIR in 2013. In Monad, their debut record, they explore the possibilities of being a band with two bass players and the absence of a guitar. Heavy riffs and deep, pulsating rhythms; a restless stirring. Amidst this you hear the voice as a primal scream – the shock of being. Out of nothing, nothing becomes.

Other bands I work(ed) for include Weak Moves (NL), Bob Vylan (UK), Barren Womb (NO) and Klaplong (NL).